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You can find our Systems in these Sectors:

Industry High rise and multiplex Buildings Computer Centers / TELCO

In the industrial applications as refinery, foundry, chemicals,
pharmaceutical, food processing industry or production - site our busbar shall be installed in electrical substation (Low Voltage switchgear site) to provide transformer, generator and bypass junction.

Our high degrees of protection ( IP55 or IP65 ) allowes us to realise many projects under different electrical service conditions in a lot of areas - worlwide! Such as Russia, the Mittel East, China, Argentinia and many another countries in Europe
The main application of our busbar in high buildings, business or commercial center, hotel and  hospital, is the power distribution.

The high level of flexiblity and transparency our clients need, will be reached through the pluggable tap-off units that our busbar is provided with. All that without having to isolate the busbar run.

Also it permit a high density of consumer tap-offs in a small space.  The most beautiful project was the Frankfurt "Messeturm"- the highest business center in Europe. 256,5 m tall and 70 floors.
Also specialized in the market of computer and telecommunication centers, our busbar trunking systems are available in different electrical versions.

Depending on the value from harmonics overload through the neutral conductor, the PE conductor cross-section and the clean earth conductor which is ideal as the PE connection for eventual electronic loads.

International banks, insurance and telecommunication groups are our client in diverse countries all over the world.